Professional airsoft replica repairs and upgrades.

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My name is Ben, I am a licensed airsoft technician in Monrovia Maryland. I have been an avid airsoft player since 2012.

I have played mostly around Maryland but have been to a few Milsims as well.

My work is incredibly OCD and detailed. I specialize in high speed AEG builds, including DSG’s, but I have worked on plenty of hi-capa’s and glocks.

I also am skilled with complex accuracy upgrades and modifications. Such as high quality flat hop’s, R hop’s and barrel lapping.

I carry a fair amount of high quality parts that I know will work fine and fit most builds, however I don’t just drop in parts, every part is carefully fitted and tested for proper function and movement.

If you want anything I don’t have, such as fancy mosfet’s and or a specific barrel, we can make that happen as well.

I am always eager to work on something new and different. It will get the care and detail of all my other builds. If you want to submit a replica for me to work on, please login or make an account then go to the home page to submit a request. Thank you!